We were contacted by an alarmed client when their Bay window was found to be ‘collapsing’
New sash windows had been commissioned and were being installed when it became apparent that the stonework was in an extremely bad state of repair.
Non breathable paints and a long term water leak had led to the stone being severely frost damaged.
The bay window was at risk of collapsing and therefore we had no choice but to completely dismantle and replace the bay.
All the original features were replicated as closely as possible with one exception, we left the frieze holes blind to allow the lead flashing on the newly installed lead tray roof to be raised.  This deleted the original design flaw that lead to the original water leak.

  • Complete New Stone Bay.
  • Repaired Roof Structure with added insulation.
  • Complete New Lead tray and Flashing with Enlarged Outlet.
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