Stonemason Apprenticeship

Our apprenticeship offers the opportunity to gain a wide range of experience onsite and within a stonemasonry yard.  We will endeavour to pass on traditional techniques and practises to the successful candidate which they will learn to enhance by using modern technology and machinery in a safe and sustainable way.

Traditional stonemasonry and conservation practices will form the basis of an apprenticeship that will leave the candidate with a solid foundation of knowledge that will allow them to become part of the next generation of craftspeople tasked with looking after this countries rich heritage.

The chance to work on high end, newbuild stonemasonry projects will punctuate the apprenticeship to give a wide and broad scope of learning opportunities.

Apprentices will attend college to do the NVQ level 2 Stonemasonry course with the additional option of progressing to level 3, on a block release basis.  This will give them an industry recognised qualification to certify their learning journey!

Successful candidates should be enthusiastic, willing to learn and integrate in a team environment and be committed to their chosen career. Candidates should demonstrate an interest and care of historic buildings and the environment around them.

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