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To paint or not to paint – Renovation to a stone bay window

Some people try and improve the appearance of an aging bay window by painting it……..
We strongly advise not to paint the stone as this creates an impermeable and non-porous barrier. This prevents moisture from escaping the building and can be very detrimental to the stone in the long term causing it to crumble and delaminate.

If your bay window has been painted and you are now starting to see the damaging effects of this or you are aware that the stone to your bay is becoming unsafe and untidy; you may be looking at renovating the stonework.
First of all, you will need to identify the type of stone. This will generally be either a sandstone or limestone many types of each throughout Britain.
Depending on the type of stone there are different repair techniques. If the stone is limestone, maybe Portland stone, for example. We would recommend a mixture of mortar repairs and piecing in of stone or if required a complete replacement of stone.
A mortar repair for limestone is a lime-based repair mix made to colour match the stone. Once the lime mortar is cured its chemical composition is the same as the limestone substrate and therefore behaves much the same as the limestone. 
Piecing in of stone involves cutting out damaged areas of the stone and “piecing in” matching stone to the original stone.

Here at Hibbitt Masonry we have over 100 years’ experience in stonemasonry and are happy to offer a free quotation and survey to assess the damage and required repairs. 
All work to a stone bay window should be carried out by a qualified stone mason with experience of building conservation.

Contact our friendly professional team for further information.


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