South Chapel Blunham Church – East Window

South Chapel Blunham Church – East Window

We are currently working on a project at St Edmund’s & St James Church, Blunham. The East window to the South Aisle Chapel was in need of conservation and restoration; this involves supporting the tracery from scaffolding and removing the decayed mullions.
Prior to this the existing glazing was removed to be restored and will be re-fitted once stonework is complete.

We will be salvaging any original stone that can be reused, the tracery and mullions will then be re-built using new stone where required.


Following on from our first blog above, we have been working on site re-building the South East Window to the South Aisle Chapel, New Bathstone mullion, label and arch stone have been fixed and some original stone has been used and pointed up. The work on this window is nearly complete, we are now waiting for the glazing to be re-fitted.

Client :- Vicar & P.C.C St Edmund’s and St James Church, Blunham

Stone used:- Bathstone Basebed


Work has now started on the South East Window where we are currently dismantling the decayed stone.